Whether for your own peace of mind, or to comply with such client requirements, Fusion offer professional testing and reporting services to check IT network resilience, penetration and continuity.

With your systems protected, it is imperative that employees working within the environment also receive regular training and testing to prepare them to deal with issues quickly and efficiently minimising any threats.

IT network overview

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Penetration Testing

With threats to online security becoming increasingly sophisticated it is imperative that businesses ensure they have the latest products best suited to their specific systems and processes. This is a specialised field as it is not a one size fits all scenario. Our team will thoroughly test your current level of cyber security and advise accordingly.

Network Security Testing

Examining both the external and internal IT footprint of a company, our engineers assess factors specifically of interest to malicious hackers reporting on:

  • Weak user names and passwords
  • Unpatched systems
  • Forgotten legacy devices

Web Application Testing

Assessing both web and internal applications, we check for a wide range of risk factors using the IT industry OWASP top ten criteria, Open Web Application Security Project. The primary aim here is to alter the manner in which the target application responds to commands in terms of obtaining information, leverage or simply disrupting the systems and employees. A detailed report will then identify any risks and suggest how best to remedy them.

Backup and Continuity Testing

By subscribing to Fusion Managed Continuity Services we not only offer a backup system but importantly we test the backups themselves on a DAILY basis checking the ability to recover lost data from the cloud.

Why wait for a critical event such as server failure or employee error?

Speak to one of our experienced consultants now and let us put a plan in place to protect your business integrity and data so that should there be a future system failure it can be resolved quickly with minimum impact and cost.