General Data Protection Regulations were introduced in May 2018. With that initial furore now somewhat dissipated, many businesses have become complacent to the challenges of protecting and managing data within their control.

However, with an increasing amount of private and financial information held by companies using online platforms and storage areas it is more crucial than ever before to update procedures and technologies to prevent a critical data loss.

Fusion is pleased to be able to offer the services of our own in house qualified Data Protection Practitioner to advise you how to be compliant with regulations and to answer any additional questions that you may have on this serious matter.

Many businesses are unaware that the regulations require all businesses that hold data on European citizens are compliant regardless of their location anywhere in the world.

With business owners struggling to understand the complexities of GDPR Fusion can take the stress and worry away. Providing the most current advice and information, we enable you to work towards full compliance ensuring that the individual challenges and peculiarities of your business are taken into account.

With Fusion supporting your business and IT needs help is just a short call away. One of our team will be available to advise you at all times and can begin recovery or repair immediately. Our priority is to minimise any disruption to your business ensuring you meet all deadlines and your client expectations.

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