Ransomware and Phishing

Cyber attacks affect companies of all sizes leaving no sector unaffected. Ransomware and phishing are particularly on the increase and with modern business practice relying on online environments for communication, sharing of documents and financial transactions it is easy to see why this is the case.

Businesses are particularly vulnerable with a huge 54% affected by Ransomware in 2018. With over three quarters using up to date antivirus software at the time of the attacks it is understandable that antivirus software is not enough to stem the tide and more specialised technical security is needed.

We take a multi layered approach to protect our customers with:

  • Class leading Endpoint Protection
  • Boundary firewall to detect and protect
  • Anti spam/virus solutions at the network perimeter
  • A constant backup continuity solution
  • Training of employees

Fusion is expert at putting in place solutions that are right for individual companies and their specific requirements.

With Fusion supporting your business and IT needs help is just a short call away. One of our team will be available to advise you at all times and can begin recovery or repair immediately. Our priority is to minimise any disruption to your business ensuring you meet all deadlines and your client expectations.

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