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Published On: 21st November 2023

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In the fast-moving world of IT, training courses need to be accessible, affordable and engaging to ensure users get the most from the systems and applications at their disposal. That’s precisely why Fusion is launching ‘Fusion Learn’, our new online training platform.

Fusion Learn comprises of useful educational videos, organised by subject category and presented as an easy-to-access self-service library to replace those traditional in-person courses, which are often expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient.

By placing essential information at your users’ fingertips, our new training platform will help avoid losing staff members from the office for days at a time, whilst saving money on travel, food and even overnight accommodation.

Short, sweet and instantly accessible

Say goodbye to long and boring training sessions as Fusion Learn courses are on average 3 minutes in length!

Bitesize training portions like this make it easy to fit them in throughout the day, whether that’s between tasks, before meetings or during coffee breaks and since each video gets straight to the heart of the issue, users benefit from the moment they start watching.

The accessibility of the platform means individuals can take their personal development and training into their own hands, as they’re no longer dependent on waiting for courses to be arranged for them.

Learning this way then becomes a continuous process that can be completed as and when required at a time that is convenient to the user.

What’s on offer?

Master essential skills in Excel in under five minutes, learn how to automate your inbox in Outlook, collaborate on documents in Word or reduce background noise on Teams calls. Whether you use Microsoft 365, Windows 10, Windows 11, Teams or Google Docs, there’s a course that can help.

Besides a wide range of technical tips, the platform also provides courses that help support personal skills such as time management, customer service and leadership.

To support the mental and physical health of your team, there are courses on how to build a healthy workspace, how to deal with stress and how to set up a desk for better posture.

If your company have adopted flexible working, there’s a category dedicated to this with lessons on how to communicate better by telephone and videocall, tips on cyber security and how to share files safely.

If time is particularly short, our MiQuick video series offers condensed versions of lessons and our ‘60 Seconds of Genius’ series enables staff to find solutions to common technical problems with even greater immediacy.

Hand-picked and accessible

Unlike most training platforms that come with a plethora of videos, Fusion Learn provides a carefully curated selection of information that’s chosen for its utility.  So, there’s no need to scroll through endless amounts of uninteresting and unhelpful information that’s probably never going to be used.

More isn’t always better and when it comes to providing a useful catalogue of training material, the answers you’re looking for should be easy to find. That’s why the learning material you need is never more than 3 clicks away.

Supporting onboarding

Besides supporting your staff on an on-going basis with solutions to common technological queries, a boost for their personal skills and help with the programs they use every day, Fusion Learn is also a great way to aid the onboarding of new staff.

Companies don’t just use Microsoft Office anymore, so new employees are often required to learn new programs when they start. This is an important but often difficult stage of recruitment as someone has to give up their time to train them.

Fusion Learn is the perfect companion for new staff as it can take on the bulk of the technological training as well as instilling good practice with making video calls, working from home and maintaining effective cybersecurity.

Making your users’ work day a little easier

It’s easy to assume these days that everybody is computer literate, but that simply isn’t the case. Even if it were, there is always some extra tip that can help make your users’ work day a little easier.

Fusion Learn takes the straining out of staff training by making it affordable, convenient and accessible. If you’d like to find out more, call us on 01245 455510 or email us via our contact page. Our friendly team look forward to speaking with you.


Published On: 21st November 2023/

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