Farewell Windows 7, We wish you luck in retirement!

Farewell Windows 7, We wish you luck in retirement!

Of course, you may decide to work beyond your retirement age, after all, pottering around the garden and afternoon naps aren’t for everyone! But, below are some precautions you might like take to avoid potential problems!

  • Make sure you’re using a router that’s still receiving firmware updates from its manufacturer. Keep your router updated and make it as secure as possible.
  • Don’t use an administrator account for everyday tasks. Use a standard account, and switch to an administrator account for any settings you need to change (if needed). Switchback when done.
  • Use an antivirus that will still be updated after Windows 7’s end-of-life date. (we recommend Webroot or Sophos).
  • Keep your system’s BIOS as up-to-date as possible.
  • Keep critical Windows security features on (like Windows Firewall) and disable or remove features you don’t need (Java, Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime, Shockwave Player etc). Similarly, remove any other junk you’ve stashed on your system—browser toolbars, apps you don’t use, etc.
  • Don’t download files you were sent that you don’t recognise (good advice for all users!). Don’t open files that your browser downloaded on your behalf.
  • Skip Internet Explorer and use a browser that has your that is still being updated, such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Run unknown apps in a sandbox while you confirm they’re safe to use.
  • Back up your system and its critical files. Save that backup in a safe location.
  • Keep your system’s apps as updated as possible.

 Now go and stick the coco on and pop your feet up, you deserve the rest!

At Fusion we recommend replacing or upgrading your Windows 7 PC, but we understand this is not always practical or affordable. For help and advice with Windows 7 or any other business IT-related questions feel free to call us on 01245 455510 or visit our website www.fusion-ts.com.

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