Social media is a great vehicle for communication and is a must in marketing any business.
Integrating social media into your website encourages visitors to interact with your business. Using social media on your site can help you understand and interact with potential customers. Adding share buttons to your website helps visitors to share content more easily with their contacts and drive increases in website traffic.

What can we do -

  • At its simplest we can include visible social media buttons
  • Integrate social media feeds
  • Include up to date social media buttons
  • Include share buttons - great for Ecommerce or sharing resources
  • Include Google Analytics to help you track your social media impact
  • Advise on the best places on your website to use social media

If you do not have any social media network pages yet or have the pages but don't have them set up for this type of integration? Don't worry! We can set up your pages and put the widgets and add-ons in place to utilize this feature.
We can offer a range of social media solutions for your website which are right for your business.