Cyberoam iView offers centralised logging and reporting of network and user activity over multiple devices across distributed locations, providing real-time and historical information of security events to MSSPs and large enterprises. Available as an open source solution and as a dedicated appliance, it offers intelligent logging and reporting with Layer 8 Identity-based visibility.

Open Source

  • Free-to-download software
  • Allows modification of source code
  • Allows customisation to individual requirements
  • Dedicated Appliances
  • Easy-to-deploy pre-loaded hardware device
  • Terabytes of storage space
  • Redundancy and reliability – RAID technology
  • Features

Log Management

Cyberoam iView logs and archives terabytes of data from multiple devices at distributed locations with smart indexing and easy search facilities, enabling quick retrieval, audits and forensics.

Aggregated Reporting

iView enables Aggregated Reporting across multiple devices, offering comprehensive drill-down reports giving administrators a clear picture of what is happening at any point in their network across any user, device, location or activity over multiple parameters such as websites accessed, bandwidth consumed and virus attacks.

Identity-based Reporting

Identity-based reports from iView help organisations tackle insider threats by tracing user activity across HTTP, FTP, email, IM, P2P and more protocols and providing user-centric reports on malware download or upload, spam received and sent.

Security Management

Organisations can instantly locate network attacks, their source and destination and traffic anomalies such as a spike in ICMP traffic or bandwidth consumption that indicate a DoS attack or spyware infection through a quick glance at the security situation in their iView dashboard.

Compliance Reporting

Cyberoam iView offers near-real time reporting of logs and security events on a single dashboard, enabling organisations to meet the requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX.

Forensic Analysis

Cyberoam iView enables organisations to reconstruct the sequence of events that occurred at the time of any security breach through iView logs and reports.

Compatible with wide range of devices/solutions

Cyberoam iView offers logs /reports of multiple network devices/solutions across geographical locations like Linux IPtables/Netfilter Firewall, Cyberoam, Fortigate, Sonicwall; HTTP Proxies like Squid; and all products offering Syslog support, delivering a single view of network activity to users. A single point logging-reporting of all network devices makes analysis and comprehension far simpler than in the case of separate solutions. Multiple Link Management, IPv6 Ready, Traffic Discovery and Wi-Fi appliances.