Introducing Everycloud Anti-Spam

Block 99.99% of Email Threats and Spam Using our powerful cloud based spam filtering service you can block 99.99% of spam, viruses and even newsletters (optional) in the cloud before they reach your network, whilst taking control of your business mail. Leave your email entirely secure and free up thousands of business hours for your workforce.

With our email filtering service you get complete protection against spam, viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service attacks and data loss for your organisation, without the time or expense of managing hardware and software systems. Working with all mail servers (including spam filtering for Exchange 2010) and email clients (including Outlook)

Highly Configurable Spam Reports Administrators or users can set spam reports to be delivered as often as they wish, letting users press deliver or whitelist buttons directly from the body of the quarantine report to manage their own junk mail filtering without logging into the control panel.

Design the spam reports to include your own branding, logo or whatever you wish. Partners - white label the entire control panel to reinforce your brand in front of your users ever day!

Advanced Email Content Filtering Take control of mail delivery with our FREE inclusive content filter. Filter inbound or outbound mails to remove attachments or block messages when they contain specific file types or exceed size limits.

In addition you can use our compliance filter to set management rules, such as forwarding mails received from one person or with a specific subject / content to another user. You are in total control of the spam filtering and email filtering.

Automatic Spooling and Delivery Power Cut? Telecom outage? Snow Storm? Never lose email. If your exchange server is offline for any reason and unreachable we’ll automatically queue messages on our network until it’s back online. Once the server can accept the mail, EveryCloud will automatically deliver it as usual. No stress and no hassle. View the delivery status of the message at any time from the control panel by viewing the SMTP tab.

Advanced Reports and Statistics Use our statistics area to view reports by customer, domain, user and email direction (inbound or outbound). Reports breakdown emails by clean, spam, infomail (marketing), viruses, rejected or messages stopped as content from your personal requirements or settings

Select the date ranges you need and Export our range of antispam reports to .csv files or as PDFs. Report on users that receive the most about of specific email types.

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